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Mayo Art Institute: Local Professional Making Our Youth’s Dream a Reality

DOTHAN, Ala (WDNews) – Calling all creative minds, come one, come all!

Young professional, Tyreece Mayo, Baker Hill native, made his way to the Wiregrass area to inspire young minds. His heart is geared toward influencing today’s youth to reach far and wide. Dipping his toes into working with adolescents through teaching in a middle school setting, he decided to continue his passion by helping with the theatre program, as well.

“I got into the arts because it was a way to escape my reality. When I was writing or performing, it took me away from real-life problems. It’s therapeutic. I want my community to feel the same. Art is expressive.” – Mayo

Coming from a theatre major background, he knew instantly where his passion lay. So started Mayo Art Institute.

Mayo reports, “The mission for Mayo Art Institute is to create a safe learning environment for the community. We want to inspire the next generations and older generations, to dream outside of their circumstances.”

The Mayo Art Institute also caters to the high school crowd – opening up creative minds to possibilities they may not have known were available to them until now. Opportunities include creating community service projects for students as well as providing a $1000 scholarship program, specifically catered to the arts, for students that meet the requirements. On top of this, Mayo Art Institute also offers performance and visual arts training.

“We believe art is home. It’s a place where you can whoever you choose to be. You just have to believe it.” – Mayo

A unique and personal prospect to those students interested in expanding their creative outlets to make it a dream come true, Mayo Art Institute sets the stage (no pun intended!) for students of any background to make it to the top and get the necessary training in their own city.

Because this is an up-and-coming nonprofit, Mayo Art Institute has grown to the point of needing a van to transport students to rehearsal or any other event students may have to get to. Mayo states any support will help make his dream come true.

The community can get involved and into contact with Tyreece Mayo and Mayo Art Institute via the following Facebook profiles where messages can be sent and responded to in a timely manner:

Personal: Tyreece Mayo, Business: Mayo Art Institute

Wiregrass area, our next star may just be in a neighborhood near you!