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Bainbridge Woman Nearly Compacted by Dump Truck after Falling in from being in a Dumpster

a group of green dumpsters

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WDNews) – Reported by WALB, A Bainbridge woman is seriously injured after a harrowing accident involving a garbage truck. According to Bainbridge Public Safety Chief Rendell Walton, the incident occurred around noon at the Captain D’s on East Shotwell Street.

The woman, whose reason for being inside the dumpster remains unknown, fell a long way into the garbage truck when it emptied the dumpster. The truck then began compacting the trash, causing her severe injuries.

The quick actions of employees at Chuck’s Package Store likely saved her life. Chief Walton praised the employees for their vigilance; they spotted the woman fall from the dumpster and promptly alerted the truck driver and first responders.

The woman was initially taken to Memorial Hospital and Manor before being life-flighted to another medical facility for further treatment. Chief Walton emphasized the critical role of the store employees in ensuring the woman received timely medical care.