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Southeast Health Announces $50 Million Expansion Project

DOTHAN, Ala (WDNews) – Southeast Health revealed this morning that it is embarking on a significant expansion project valued at approximately $50 million. The hospital board unanimously approved the expansion.

During a Wednesday morning news conference, Rick Sutton, CEO of Southeast Health, outlined the details of the project. The expansion will include a $25 million enhancement of the emergency department and the construction of two new patient floors above the ER. These additions will introduce 52 more patient rooms, requiring an investment of just over $24.5 million. An additional parking project will cost $200,000. Sutton proudly noted that despite numerous expansion projects, Southeast Health remains free of debt.

Once the architectural drawings are completed, Southeast Health will submit a certificate of need application to the state Healthcare Review Board for approval, a process that could take up to four months. “Construction is expected to be completed by the fall of 2027,” said Sutton.

Melissa Owens, Chief Nursing Officer, emphasized the importance of the emergency department expansion, noting that Southeast Health’s ER is the busiest and only level 2 trauma center in the region, having cared for 53,000 patients in the last fiscal year with a projected 8% growth. “To us it’s more than a number, it represents our friends and our neighbors,” Owens said.

The expansion will increase treatment spaces from 32 to 66 and include a larger waiting room. “SE Health has invested a quarter of a billion dollars back into the hospital over the last 7 years and has not incurred any debt and not borrowed money for projects,” Sutton explained, highlighting the hospital’s commitment to serving the community without financial burden.