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Emergency Response Classes in Enterprise are Available on Mondays This Summer

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ENTERPRISE, Ala.(WDNews) — In a bid to accommodate more community members, the Coffee County Community Emergency Response Team (CC-CERT) will host training classes on Monday nights throughout the summer. These sessions, held at the Enterprise Fire Department’s Central Fire Station, will run for five consecutive weeks.

“We are trying out a new schedule to accommodate many of the people who work on weekends and are unable to attend our traditional classes,’ CC-CERT Coordinator Scotty Johnson said. “By participating in this program, you’l not only gain valuable skills but also contribute to the safety and resilience of your community.”

The CC-CERT training covers vital emergency response skills such as disaster preparedness, fire safety, triage, CPR, and light search and rescue. Participants will gain hands-on experience in using fire extinguishers, cribbing, identifying trauma levels, and performing various patient lifts and carries. The course costs $25, which includes an emergency response bag upon completion.

Classes are scheduled from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at 301 Plaza Drive. Attendees must complete all five sessions to earn their certification. While the training is suitable for all ages, those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

“We`ve had families sign up to participate. We had one young man who went on to become a firefighter. We have a variety of ages and people with different backgrounds. Everyone can get something out of this course.”

“This training provides a unique opportunity for citizens to learn what to do until first responders arrive, or to help us in certain situations,” Enterprise Fire Chief Christopher Davis said. “Participants experience hands-on training, and the firefighters enjoy the chance to work with the classes to share their knowledge and expertise.”

Scotty Johnson, who coordinated the new schedule with Chief Davis after discussions with local business owners, emphasizes the program’s community benefits.

“Tve heard from many people that they want to get the training but it just doesn’t work in their schedules. We know the summer can be a busy time, especially on the weekends, so we are happy to provide this Monday night course hope to have a full classroom.”

“We train for the worst, but hope for the best.” Davis said. “The more people in Enterprise that are knowledgeable and able to help in an emergency is a benefit for our entire community

For more information or to register, contact Scotty Johnson at (334) 806-1994 or via email at coffeecocertcoord@hotmail.com.