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Beware of Facebook Hoaxes: Viral Posts Promising Privacy and Ad-Free Experience Are Scams

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(WDNews) In a bid to protect users from online scams, Facebook has started flagging viral posts that claim to improve privacy and eliminate ads by simply copying and pasting text. These posts, often accompanied by enthusiastic comments like “OMG IT WORKED,” are nothing more than tricks to lure users into spreading false information.

This week, Facebook began tagging such posts as “False Information.” Once flagged, these misleading posts become hidden from view unless users specifically choose to click on “see post.” The social media giant’s move aims to curb the spread of hoaxes that potentially aid hackers and scammers.

Experts warn users to be cautious and skeptical of any post promising easy fixes to complex issues like privacy and ad preferences. Always verify information through credible sources and think twice before sharing anything that seems too good to be true.