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Enterprise City Council Unanimously Passes Ordinance Addressing Unsafe Properties

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDNews) — In a unanimous decision, the Enterprise City Council on Tuesday approved an ordinance aimed at tackling properties deemed unsafe due to poor design, obsolescence, or neglect, which have evolved into public nuisances.

The ordinance, applicable to properties within the city limits, targets vacant or deteriorating structures that contribute to blight in the city and surrounding neighborhoods. These properties not only pose threats to the health, safety, and welfare of citizens, but also hinder economic development efforts.

City Engineer Barry Mott and Enterprise Fire Chief Christopher Davis have been designated as Appropriate Municipal Officials authorized to inspect public buildings, residences, and accessory structures. Their inspections will determine whether any conditions render a property a “dangerous building.”

Under the provisions of the ordinance, all structures deemed “dangerous buildings” and declared public nuisances may be subject to repair, evacuation, relocation, or demolition. The Appropriate Municipal Official holds the authority to order any combination of these actions and will provide notice to property owners to take necessary measures. Failure to comply within the specified timeframe will result in the city executing the required actions and charging the associated costs to the property owner.

Emergency situations necessitating immediate action, such as the risk of structural collapse endangering adjacent properties, public rights-of-way, or human life and health, permit the Appropriate Municipal Official to initiate urgent repairs, relocations, or demolitions.

Reports of buildings or structures suspected to be “dangerous buildings” can be filed in writing by employees of the Enterprise Fire Department and Enterprise Police Department. These reports must be submitted to building officials within 24 hours of discovery, ensuring swift response and resolution.

For further information regarding the ordinance and its implementation, concerned parties are encouraged to contact the Enterprise City Council.

Enterprise City Council
Phone: (334) 347- 1211 ext. 3002
Email: mainstreet@enterpriseal.gov