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Dothan Celebrates EMS Week with Luncheon at Wiregrass Public Safety Center

DOTHAN, AL – (WDNews) The city of Dothan hosted a well-attended luncheon today at the Wiregrass Public Safety Center to celebrate EMS Week. The tradition, which dates back to the early 1980s, continues to honor the dedication and hard work of emergency medical service professionals. This year marks the 50th anniversary of EMS Week, adding a special significance to the festivities.

Captain Richard Byrd took the stage to present the Paramedic of the Year award to Howard Johnson and the EMT of the Year award to David Woodham.The awards were decided from an outside committee based on recommendations from peers. The ceremony also acknowledged the valuable contributions of EMS partners, including Nurse Tiffany Anderson from Southeast Health and Adam Bullion from Flowers Hospital.

Highlighting the event was the recognition of 31 life-saving actions and nine commendations, showcasing the exceptional impact of Dothan’s EMS team on the community. Mayor Alfred Saliba was in attendance, offering his congratulations and praise to the city’s EMS professionals along with Commisioner Ferguson, Kirkland and Bedwell.

The atmosphere was celebratory and uplifting, reflecting the community’s deep appreciation for the heroes who respond to emergencies daily.