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Former Dothan Fire Medic Arrested Again on Theft Charges

Dothan – (WDNews) Jesse Taylor, a former Dothan Fire Medic, found himself in legal trouble once again as Houston County Sheriff’s deputies apprehended him this week. Taylor faces four counts of theft, marking another setback in his legal saga.

This latest arrest follows a series of legal entanglements for Taylor. Last year, he admitted guilt to pilfering fentanyl from the Dothan Fire Department in 2022, an offense that surprised the community.

Even while awaiting trial for his initial theft charge, Taylor encountered further legal woes. Joining another Dothan City Official, he was implicated in tampering with the county-wide first responder alert system, sending sensitive communications to unauthorized devices. Taylor admitted guilt in these actions in 2023.

The additional legal proceedings add another chapter to Taylor’s legal journey. Scheduled to appear before Houston County Judge Christopher Richardson on June 18, Taylor’s fate hangs in the balance as discussions revolve around the possibility of probation for his original offenses.