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Police Rescue Over 80 Dogs in Warrant Roundup in Alabama

selective focus photography of three brown puppies

Gadsden, AL(WDNews) – Alex Smith of Gadsden has been charged with animal cruelty after police discovered more than 80 dogs living in deplorable conditions inside his home. The discovery occurred during a warrant roundup on Thursday.

The Gadsden Police Department, while serving nearly 200 warrants as part of “Operation No Show,” arrived at the residence at 1106 High Street around 10 a.m. Officers were initially there to serve a warrant but were confronted with inhumane conditions, including a severe lack of water and food for the 84 dogs crammed inside the house. Additional charges for other residents are expected.

Gadsden Mayor Craig Ford, who accompanied officers on the roundup, expressed his dismay. “This is a sad situation but a fact of life,” Mayor Ford stated. “Some of the citizens of Gadsden live in less-than-ideal conditions, but this is animal abuse, plain and simple, and it will not be tolerated.”

The warrant roundup, aimed at individuals with failure to appear warrants from Gadsden Municipal Court, has not only addressed legal issues but also brought attention to severe cases of animal neglect in the community.