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Ozark Man Arrested for Shotgun Shooting in Jealous Dispute

Ozark – (WDNews) An Ozark resident finds himself in police custody after allegedly shooting another man with a 12-gauge shotgun following a dispute over a woman. George Hilson faces charges of attempted murder in connection with the incident.

According to Ozark Police, the altercation occurred early Tuesday morning in the 100 block of Pecan Street. Hilson, who was visiting a friend, engaged in a heated argument with a neighbor of the friend over a mutual acquaintance.

Deputy Chief Micheal Bryan of the Ozark Police Department stated that during the dispute, Hilson retrieved a 12-gauge shotgun and fired two shots at the neighbor, hitting him in the chest with birdshot. The victim was quickly taken to a Dothan hospital for medical attention and was discharged in good condition a few hours later.

Its been noted that both Hilson and the victim were tight-lipped during the investigation, and the nature of their relationship with the woman remains unclear. Following his arrest on Tuesday, Hilson was booked into the Dale County Jail, where he is being held without bond.