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Alabama EMA Launches 2024 Governor’s Hurricane Exercise, Here’s How our Wiregrass Residents Can Prepare

Cables after Hurricane

Wiregrass – (WDNews) Alabama’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is leading the charge as May kicks off Hurricane Preparedness Month with the 2024 Governor’s Hurricane Exercise. This initiative aims to unite state agencies in strategic planning, preparation, and effective communication to mitigate potential hurricane impacts.

In the Wiregrass region, where hurricanes are infrequent but impactful, preparations take on added significance. Residents are urged to take proactive measures to safeguard themselves and their families. Here are some essential tips:

1. Stock Up: Ensure an adequate supply of dry foods to sustain through possible power outages.

2. Fuel Up:  With Florida residents often seeking refuge in the Wiregrass during evacuations, gas can be in high demand. Consider topping up your tank and having extra fuel on hand.

3. Battery Power: Prepare flashlights and radios with spare batteries to stay informed during power disruptions.

4. Water: Maintain a sufficient stock of water, an essential resource during emergencies.

5. Family Safety Plan: Develop and practice a comprehensive safety plan with your family.

6. Essentials Kit: Include items like a manual can opener, lighter/matches, generator, NOAA radio, emergency medicine, and a first aid kit.

7. Important Documents: Keep essential documents readily accessible in case of sudden evacuation.

8. Chainsaw: Have a plan to remove tree debris or have a neighbor or friend in place that will be ready to help you if needed.

As hurricane season approaches, Wiregrass hotels quickly fill up with evacuees from Florida. Residents living in vulnerable homes are advised to secure accommodations early to ensure safety and peace of mind.

By taking proactive steps and staying informed, Wiregrass residents can better weather the storm and protect themselves and their communities during hurricane season.