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Late Night Crash on S. Oates St Leads to a Search of Driver

On Saturday night, a single-vehicle crash occurred in the 400 block of S. Oates St. The driver lost control, crashing into a power pole, splitting it in two near Dothan Glass, and sending sparks flying.

As law enforcement arrived, they found an empty car and a missing driver—the culprit had fled the scene on foot. Thankfully, a witness stepped up, providing a description to aid in the search.

With ambulance rescue canceled, police launched a hunt for the driver, armed with the knowledge of the car’s registration. After a thorough search, law enforcement successfully located and apprehended the driver.

The individual is now in custody, and the investigation continues into the events leading up to the crash.

Dothan Utilities were called to the scene to drop a new power pole and repair the damaged lines.