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Alabama Retired Teachers Rally for Increased Pensions

woman standing in front of children

In a display of solidarity, around 400 retired teachers convened at the Statehouse on Wednesday, united by a common plea: more money in their pockets.

Chanting “Money, money, more money,” their voices echoed the sentiment of countless educators across the state.

For these retirees, it’s been 18 long years since they last saw a permanent funding adjustment to their pensions, according to the Alabama Education Association (AEA). With rising insurance costs and inflation, their financial struggles have only intensified, leaving more than 60,000 education retirees grappling to make ends meet.

The AEA emphasizes that the current economic landscape paints a stark reality: inflation has soared by over 40% since the last pension adjustment. In the face of these challenges, retirees at the rally are adamant: a pension increase is not just a desire, but a necessity.

As these dedicated public servants make their voices heard, they hope lawmakers will heed their concerns and take meaningful steps to provide the financial support they rightfully deserve.