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Police Botch Fraudulent Check Cashing Scheme

The Dothan Police Department botched a fraudulent check cashing attempt on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, after receiving a tip-off from a local bank.

The alerted officers acted upon the information and apprehended the suspect, identified as Courtney Jermaine Johnson (33) from Montgomery, AL, as he was exiting the premises.

Following a preliminary investigation, it was revealed that Johnson had attempted to cash a fraudulent check at the bank and had already succeeded in cashing several others at different banking locations earlier in the day. He was found to be in possession of fraudulent checks and had exchanged some already for cash.

Johnson now faces a string of charges including four counts of Possession of a Forged Instrument third degree, three counts of Theft of Property first degree, and one count of Attempted Theft of Property first degree.

He has been booked into the Houston County Jail, with a hefty bond set at $145,000.00.