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Alabama State University Introduces First Division I Women’s Flag Football Program

brown and black Wilson football

Alabama State University is set to make history with the launch of its competitive women’s flag football program, becoming the first Division I historically Black college or university to do so. Spearheading this initiative is Athletic Director Dr. Jason Cable, who emphasized the importance of leading in this rapidly growing sport, reports indicate.

“We wanted to be at the forefront of this movement,” stated Dr. Cable, highlighting the exponential growth and popularity of flag football. With over 60 high school students already involved in the sport, the university aims to provide them with an opportunity to continue playing at the collegiate level.

The decision comes as flag football gains traction across Alabama, with more than 85 high schools incorporating it into their athletic programs. This momentum culminated in the state’s inaugural championship held in December 2023, signaling a promising future for the sport at both the high school and collegiate levels.