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2 Women Arrested – Falsifying Sexual Assault

Dothan – Two Dothan Women Arrested for Giving False Statements to Police

On February 17, 2024, Dothan Police Officers were called to a local hospital in reference to a sexual assault. The victim had arrived at the hospital to receive treatment and have evidence collected of a sexual assault that took place in the 2500 block of Choctaw Street at a residence. After giving multiple statements about the crime, investigators believed a crime had taken place based on what the alleged victim and witness reported.

A thorough investigation was started in order to gather evidence in the event of a prosecution. However, it was found that the statements given by the alleged victim, Erika Holloway (19), and the witness, Chasity Scrimpsher (26), had several inconsistencies and outright false statements. Holloway and Scrimpsher were confronted with the evidence their statements were false. After being confronted, both admitted they knowingly gave false statements to investigators.

Both subjects were arrested and charged with one count of False Reporting to Law Enforcement each. The person accused by these two suspects was exonerated of any and all charges related to this case.