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Spring Break Traffic coming through Dothan

a group of cars driving down a street next to each other

Panama City Beach has been a destination for spring breakers since the 1980’s. It really grew and took off in the 90’s when MTV and Club Lavela (now closed) started the big spring break parties and live shows.

Year after year, traffic became heavier with spring breakers and families coming through Dothan, from our northern Alabama neighbors to our out of state travelers heading to the sandy shores.

From now through the end of April expect heavier traffic and congestion on Ross Clark Circle, including North and South Oates. Dothan is the main access point to Panama City Beach from the Northern travelers.

In popular spring break areas, traffic fatalities rose 9.1 percent, mainly involving out of state drivers under 25 years of age, a University of Miami study found.

A little patience on the road and slower speeds will help you get through the spring break mayhem.