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A Pike County 14-year-old Accused of Killing His Brother and Plotting to Kill Others

a group of people standing next to a yellow police line

A Pike County 14-year-old is under arrest for killing his older brother and plotting to kill the rest of his family.  Investigators say the younger brother told a school friend about killing his 17-year-old brother and asked the friend to help murder others in his family who go to the school .  That friend told the school, who notified the police.   The brother’s body was found Tuesday in the back of his family’s property.   Today there is an extra police presence on Pike County School System campuses.  The name of the 14-year old has not bee released because he is under age.   If a judge rules he can be tried as an adult, the teens identity can be released to the public.  So far a motive for the killing or for the “hit list” has not been released.