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A Refreshing Reminder of Coffee County Family Services Center: A Beacon of Hope and Coordination and What’s to Come

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDNews) – “We may be the reason they don’t have an end to their story…” – Judy Crowley, Executive Director of Coffee County Family Services Center

In 1996, inspired by the dedication of local citizens and the leadership of Congressman and Mrs. Terry Everett, Coffee County set out to establish a family resource center. The inaugural meeting drew over 250 attendees, reflecting the community’s strong commitment to addressing the needs of the underserved, uneducated, disabled, and overlooked individuals.

The consensus was clear: leveraging the strengths of existing agencies to maximize resources and create lasting solutions was essential. Establishing a Family Services Center was identified as a strategic initiative to help families transition from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Despite the availability of various support services in Coffee County, many families struggled to access them, leading to individuals “falling through the cracks.” The vision for a Family Resource Center was conceived to bridge this gap, guiding families and agencies towards their full potential.

Growth and Development:
Through extensive planning and community collaboration, the Coffee County Family Services Center began its mission in 1998 under the leadership of Executive Director Judy Crowley. The Center aimed to coordinate and provide family-centered services, addressing critical needs related to health, education, and stability.

Present Impact:
Today, the Coffee County Family Services Center is recognized as a community beacon, known for its role in coordination, cooperation, and effective problem-solving. In an era of budget constraints and diminishing services for at-risk families, it represents a smart and impactful approach to maximizing resources for the greatest good.

Our Team:
The Center is governed by a dedicated 28-member Board of Directors, led by an Executive Director. The operational team consists of ten full and part-time professionals, supported by seventy-seven trained volunteers and student interns from various universities.

In 2023, the Center expanded its collaborative efforts, partnering with ninety-seven community agencies, civic organizations, and faith-based groups to deliver a comprehensive range of goods and services to participants in the Family Services programs.

Our Bold Goal: Reducing Child Abuse and Neglect
In 2020, the Coffee County Family Services Center redirected its focus towards a critical mission: to reduce child abuse and neglect in Coffee County by 25% by 2026. The onset of the pandemic presented unforeseen challenges, exacerbating the well-being issues faced by families and adding complexity to this mission.

Despite these challenges, the Center remains steadfast in its goal. Recognizing the importance of child abuse prevention, the Center has intensified its commitment to community education. It firmly believes that every citizen plays a pivotal role in keeping children safe by being observant and knowing when and what to report to the appropriate authorities. Child abuse is a collective responsibility, and the Center is determined to reduce instances of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation in Coffee County.

By enlisting the support of every citizen, the Coffee County Family Services Center aims to create a safer and more secure environment for the community’s children. Through adaptive and resilient approaches, it continues to address the evolving needs of the community, making Coffee County a safer place for all its children.

What you may not know:

This organization harps on teaching and resourcing. As stated prior, they have one main goal: to keep our area’s children safe. If a family has a need that they can meet, they’ll do it. If not able, they are committed to out sourcing someone or some organization that can.

Things coming up:

“Coffee County Dolly Parton Imagination Library: COMING SOON – We will become the Coffee
County Imagination Library in October 2024. Coffee County children will receive a free book in
the mail once a month until they begin kindergarten.
Other Initiatives:
Toys for Tots and other Christmas assistance, Back to School Bash, GED
classes in house on Tuesday and Thursdays, and Coffee County Youth Leadership.”

Contact Information:
Coffee County Family Services Center

P.O. Box 311231
Enterprise, AL 36331-1231

Located at 208 West Brunson Street, Enterprise, AL 36330

Phone: (334) 393-8538
Email: director@coffeecountyfsc.org