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New Study Reveals Big Problems in IEP Programs

(WDNews) – A recent study by Huddle Up, titled “Inside IEP – Actionable Insights and Innovations for Student Support,” has uncovered significant issues in Individualized Education Programs (IEP). The study surveyed over 721 educators, superintendents, and parents to understand the current state of IEP programs and explore potential solutions.

The findings highlight a major problem: a shortage of IEP providers is causing schools to miss many of their scheduled sessions. In fact, 40% of schools report missing a quarter of their IEP sessions each month. This shortage is a big concern for superintendents, with 66% very or extremely worried about the extra workload on educators and 62% concerned about the impact on educators’ well-being.

Parents are also looking for better ways to support their children. The study found that 85% of parents would likely use virtual providers for their child’s IEP needs. This shift could help address the staffing issues and provide consistent support for students.

Dr. Omar Dawood, CEO and Board Member at Huddle Up, emphasized the importance of involving parents in the IEP process. “The shortage of IEP providers, and the lack of parent involvement in care, has significant implications for the mental health and development of students, and the workload of classroom educators that are already stretched too thin,” he said. “Comprehensive, high-quality, consistent support is crucial for success. Engaging parents in this care model can transform student outcomes.”

This study suggests that innovative solutions like virtual services and greater parent involvement could help solve the problems facing IEP programs and improve the quality of care for students.