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Update Available: Shark Attack Near Panama City Beach Prompts Water Closure in Walton County

black shark underwater photo

Update: There was another shark attack today not far from the others. This makes a total of 3 attacks. It is reported by WMBB. It is said a woman has lost her hand and has been transported to the hospital.

Walton County, FL – (WDNews) – The Walton County Sheriff’s Office and the South Walton Fire District have closed the waters to the public after responding to a second shark incident in Inlet Beach. Inlet beach is just 15 miles west of Panama City Beach. Double red flags have been posted, Do not go into the water.

Authorities were dispatched to Shoreline Drive after multiple reports of a teenager injured by a shark. This is the second such incident in the area, prompting immediate safety measures. Residents and visitors are urged to stay out of the water until further notice.

Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.