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Local Food Blogger from Wicksburg Set to Air on Food Network

Photo Portrait of Chelsea Gieselmann 

DOTHAN, AL (WDNews) — For one humble woman from a small town, big dreams are coming true. Chelsea Gieselmann, 35, of Wicksburg, AL, has made a name for herself as a beloved local food blogger and community food influencer here in Dothan, AL. Her culinary journey began at a young age, thanks to her Great Grandmother and Grandmother who started teaching her to cook from scratch when she was just three years old. “My Great Grandmother and Grandmother started teaching me to cook from scratch at 3 years old and my passion ignited from there,” Chelsea fondly recalls. “From experimenting with homemade biscuits and dumplings to learning the tricks and methods of a cast iron skillet.”

Photo of young Chelsea Gieselmann 

Primarily using cast iron pans inherited from her Great Grandmother, Chelsea’s passion for cooking has led her to remarkable opportunities. Roughly a year ago, she traveled to California and made it to the top 45 out of thousands of applicants on MasterChef. Reflecting on that experience, she says, “I have no regrets and loved that experience.”

Now, Chelsea’s culinary journey is taking another exciting turn. Her episode of Food Network’s Outchef’d is set to air on Thursday, June 6, at 8:30 PM. In this episode, she’ll face off against the legendary Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, “The doors parted ways and there was Alex; I thought it was a prank,” Chelsea remembers. Originally, she was expecting an audition, only to learn, this is happening right here, and right now.

To celebrate this milestone, a Viewing Party will be held at Dothan’s Rock N Roll Sushi. The event kicks off at 7:00 PM with a meet and greet with Chelsea. Attendees can then stay to watch the exciting episode with the community.

Photo of Chelsea’s Loaded Grits CakesBacon seared Red Snapper & Shrimp Cajun cream

In the words of Chelsea Gieselmann, “I am the most normal hillbilly you will ever meet in your life!” Don’t miss this chance to support a local talent as she competes on a national stage. Lets Go, Chelsea!!!