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Discover Your Destiny with Special Edition Star Wars™ OREO Cookies

National – (WDNews) In a thrilling collaboration, OREO and Lucasfilm have unveiled their latest creation: Special Edition Star Wars™ OREO Cookies. Fans of the beloved cookie and iconic movie series can now indulge in a galaxy of flavors, with a surprise twist.

Each identical pack holds the mystery of the Force. Only upon opening will fans discover if they align with the dark side, featuring red creme, or the light side, with blue creme. The creme is infused with “kyber” sugar crystals, inspired by the mystical lightsaber crystals of Star Wars™ lore.

The packs feature 20 different embossments of beloved characters. Dark side packs include figures like Darth Vader and Darth Maul, while light side packs showcase heroes like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

“Pairing two tremendously loved communities to launch the Star Wars™ OREO Cookie Packs has been an amazing experience,” said Nicole Fischer, Senior Brand Manager, OREO, US. “We are continuing to make strides to cement our brand’s cultural relevance via strategic collaborations. We hope fans see how much we loved bringing their favorite stories to life, and that they have fun discovering the details we’ve included at every touchpoint.”

Available for presale on May 30 and in stores from June 10, these cookies are a must-have collectible, but only for a limited time. Visit OREO.com/StarWars to secure your pack and discover your destiny.