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Drug Bust Leads to Arrests and Fentanyl Seizure in Chipley

Chipley, FL – (WDNews) A routine traffic stop turned into a significant drug bust for the Chipley Police Department. Officers pulled over a vehicle on Glenwood Avenue and quickly found themselves in the middle of a complex and potentially dangerous situation.

The driver, identified as David Bennet, was discovered to be on Florida State Probation. His passenger, a 17-year-old girl, was initially thought to be a missing person from Jackson County, adding urgency to the situation.

Officers noted suspicious behavior from both occupants and asked Bennet to step out of the vehicle. A pat-down search revealed a methamphetamine pipe and a usable amount of methamphetamine. The passenger was then asked to exit the vehicle but attempted to swallow a small container. Officers intervened just in time to prevent ingestion, though she managed to open the container in her mouth before spitting it out.

Further investigation led to the discovery of ammunition and a container of liquid in the vehicle. Tests confirmed that both the container the juvenile tried to swallow and the liquid found in the car contained fentanyl.

Bennet was arrested on several charges, including possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of fentanyl, and possession of ammunition by a convicted felon. Due to the severity of the substances involved and the juvenile’s actions, Emergency Medical Services were called. The teenager was transported to Northwest Florida Community Hospital for evaluation.

Fortunately, it was determined that the juvenile was no longer listed as a missing person. However, the investigation is ongoing, and additional charges are expected.

Lieutenant Michael Richter of the Chipley Police Department confirmed the details in a press release, emphasizing the department’s commitment to community safety and diligent law enforcement.