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Colbert County Woman Indicted for Attempted Drowning of Her Own Son

Colbert County – (WDNews) A Colbert County woman has been indicted by a grand jury on an aggravated child abuse charge after authorities allege she attempted to drown her 10-year-old son.

Ashley Jones faces serious legal trouble following the harrowing account provided by her young son to police and a social worker. According to the Colbert County Sheriff’s Office, the boy reported that the incident began when he expressed a desire to live with his father. This reportedly enraged Jones, leading her to splash bleach on him.

In a desperate attempt to rinse off the bleach, the boy recounted to investigators that his mother then held him underwater in the bathtub. The situation became so dire that the child said he played dead in a bid to save himself.

Despite the boy’s detailed and distressing account, Jones has denied all allegations brought against her.