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Three Dead, Dozen Injured, After a Shooting in North Baldwin County

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Baldwin County, – (WDNews) Authorities in Baldwin County, Alabama, are grappling with the aftermath of a tragic shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night, resulting in three fatalities and multiple injuries. The incident took place near Stockton, north of Mobile, during a May Day party, attended by approximately 1,000 individuals.

According to Andre Reid of the Baldwin County Investigation Division, the victims, primarily young people, were caught in the crossfire as an altercation escalated into gunfire. While one suspect has been identified, authorities suspect the involvement of at least one additional shooter.

Despite the chaos, law enforcement officers remained unharmed and were not directly involved in the shooting. However, the investigation is ongoing, with authorities working tirelessly to apprehend those responsible for the violence.

At this time, no arrests have been reported, and investigators are actively pursuing leads to identify and locate all individuals involved in the incident. The community near Bryant’s Landing is reeling from the tragedy, as residents grapple with the shocking loss of life and the impact of the violence on their neighborhood.