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University of Alabama Pro-Palestine Protest Draws Hundreds

Alabama – (WDNews)In a display of solidarity with Palestine, hundreds of students gathered outside the University of Alabama student center on Wednesday. Led by student organizer Kovals Petrauskas, the two-hour protest aimed to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict in Gaza and advocate for peace in the Middle East.

Expressing concern over the violation of human rights in Gaza, Petrauskas emphasized the group’s call for an end to the war and violence. Additionally, the protesters urged the university to take a stand by cutting ties with Lockheed Martin and its former CEO, Marillyn Hewson, both University of Alabama alumni.

“We want the university to release a statement on the ceasefire because they do have power,” Petrauskas stated.

However, the protest also faced opposition from some students supportive of Israel. Counter-protestors, including Rosenthal, voiced their perspective, leading to a division monitored by the University of Alabama Police Department to maintain safety.

Following the event, the University of Alabama issued a statement acknowledging the peaceful exercise of free speech rights. The university affirmed its commitment to providing security and support for students and groups expressing concerns.