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Weekend Tornado Outbreak Ravages Plains and Midwest, Over 100 Reported  

By:Sharla Fletcher/WDNews/April 30,2024/9:45A.M. CDT

Midwest – (WDNews) Over the weekend, from Friday through Sunday, a devastating outbreak of tornadoes wreaked havoc across the Plains and Midwest regions, leaving a trail of destruction and loss in its wake. Reports indicate that more than 100 tornadoes were sighted during this period, with Nebraska and southern Iowa bearing the brunt of the onslaught of the twisters.

Among the affected areas, Southern Oklahoma faced the most severe wind speeds, reaching up to a 170 mph tornado tearing through the landscape. Rated an EF4 on the scale, this tornado inflicted extensive damage to a Dollar Tree Distribution center. In addition 4 lives were also sadly lost, including an infant.

Emergency response teams and local authorities have been working tirelessly to assess the extent of the damage throughout the region and provide assistance to affected communities within the entire area.