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Dothan Woman tries to Run Down Pedestrians with Vehicle; Assaults Nurse while at Hospital

by: Sharla Fletcher/ WDNews/ April 25,2024 at 8:50 A.M.

Dothan – (WDNews) April 24, 2024, Robin Osborne Morse (66) found herself in a series of tumultuous events culminating in charges of Assault 2nd Degree and two counts of Harassment after an incident at a local hospital in Dothan.

The chain of events began with Morse allegedly attempting to assault pedestrians in the 800 block of Memphis Street, resulting in a collision with a residence. Subsequently, Morse was involved in another crash near the intersection of Third Avenue and Pleasant Drive before fleeing the scene. The final crash occurred near Southeast Health in the 1100 block of Ross Clark Circle, leaving Morse’s vehicle disabled and herself in need of medical attention.

However, the turmoil did not end there. Upon arrival at the hospital, Morse’s behavior escalated into disorderly conduct, as she became confrontational with officers and nurses. During attempts to treat her injuries, Morse reportedly kicked a nurse and two officers, prompting her restraint by hospital staff and law enforcement.

As a result of her actions, Morse now faces charges related to assaulting a healthcare worker and harassing officers. Specifically, she has been arrested and charged with one count of Assault 2nd Degree (assaulting a healthcare worker) and two counts of Harassment (involving officers). Additionally, further charges are pending as authorities await the results of toxicology tests. The events serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictability that can arise from seemingly routine situations.