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Senate Approves TikTok’s Bill: Parent Company Must Sell or Risk Ban

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In a significant move, the Senate has greenlit a bill demanding that TikTok’s parent company, based in China, sell the popular social media platform or face a potential ban. The decision, while controversial, aims to safeguard national security interests and address concerns over data privacy. This development is anticipated to trigger legal battles and cause disruptions for content creators who earn income through the app.

The legislation, part of a broader $95 billion aid package for Ukraine and Israel, received overwhelming support with a 79-18 vote. It now awaits President Joe Biden’s signature, expected to be granted promptly on Wednesday.

House Republicans strategically integrated the TikTok bill into the crucial aid package, streamlining its progress through Congress. This tactical maneuver followed negotiations with the Senate, where an earlier version of the bill had encountered obstacles. Originally, the proposal granted TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, a six-month window to divest its interests in the platform. However, concerns arose regarding the complexity of such a transaction, potentially valued in the tens of billions of dollars.

The revised legislation extends the deadline to nine months, with a potential three-month extension if a sale is underway. Additionally, the bill prohibits ByteDance from controlling TikTok’s algorithm, a proprietary technology that tailors content to users’ preferences and has fueled the app’s meteoric rise.