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Houston County Farm Center’s Exciting Revamp Introduced

During today’s Houston County Commissioners meeting, thrilling plans were unveiled for the future of the Houston County Farm Center. The project, estimated at $180,000 or $13 per square foot, promises to breathe new life into the center, akin to the stunning transformation seen at Rip Hewes Stadium.

The focal point of the makeover? The parking lot, set to undergo a beautification process that will enhance its appeal and functionality. But that’s not all—the center itself is in for a remarkable redesign, featuring an open-air canopy arena with an architectural display envisioned by the architect Andy Gosselin who was approved a contract for work to be done on the farm center arena in the summer 2023.

The visionaries behind the project have big dreams for the space, envisioning a bustling farmers market and a platform for musical events. With a seating capacity of 2,750, the arena is poised to become a hub for community gatherings and entertainment.

And there’s more to come! Plans include the installation of a full-scale commercial kitchen, promising to elevate the center’s offerings and attract a diverse array of events and activities.

Excitement is noticeable as Houston County anticipates the transformation of its beloved Farm Center into a vibrant, multi-functional space for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for further updates as this exciting project unfolds!