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Wiregrass – Be On The Lookout: Local Banks Receive Counterfeit Bills

Residents and businesses in the Wiregrass area are urged to stay vigilant following reports of counterfeit bills circulating in the community. This morning, several local banks discovered counterfeit currency in their night drop boxes, raising concerns among authorities and businesses alike.

Despite resembling genuine bills at first glance, these counterfeit notes lack crucial security features such as the security strip and hidden face photo. Furthermore, they bear the same serial number, a telltale sign of their fraudulent nature.

Local businesses are advised to be extra cautious when accepting cash payments and to carefully inspect bills for authenticity. If you suspect you’ve received a counterfeit bill, please contact the authorities immediately.

To report any incidents or for further assistance, you can reach out to the local office at 334-585-3131 or contact dispatch at 334-693-2222. Let’s work together to keep our community safe from counterfeit activity.