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President Biden Unveils $7 Billion Solar Initiative on Earth Day

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President Joe Biden is set to mark Earth Day in a big way, announcing a $7 billion initiative aimed at boosting residential solar projects. These grants will light up nearly a million low-income households across the nation, bringing renewable energy into their homes. The news will be revealed during Biden’s visit to Prince William Forest Park in Triangle on Monday.

The funding, part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Solar for All grant competition, is a key component of Biden’s climate legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act. Not only will it significantly reduce carbon emissions, but it’s also expected to generate around 200,000 new jobs. Additionally, participating households can anticipate saving approximately $400 annually, according to insights from the White House.

By empowering low-income communities with access to solar energy, the administration is hoping to take strides towards a more sustainable and equitable future for all.