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Headland – Ordinance Passes Regarding Low-Speed Vehicles

people riding on golf cart during daytime

Ordinance Approval: The City Council has passed an ordinance allowing certain public streets for low-speed vehicle (LSV) use within Headland.

Vehicle Classification:  It’s crucial to differentiate between golf carts and LSVs. Golf carts are not street legal due to their maximum speed of 20 mph and lack of compliance with safety standards. LSVs, on the other hand, meet specific safety requirements and have a higher maximum speed of 25 mph.

LSV Requirements: To be considered street legal, an LSV must meet various criteria, including having a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), proper lighting (headlamps, turn signals, tail lamps), reflectors, mirrors, parking brake, windshield, seat belts, D.O.T. approved tires, insurance, and a horn.

Safety Precautions: LSVs are to be treated as vehicles, meaning they must be operated by licensed and insured drivers, adhere to traffic laws, and cannot be driven on sidewalks. Additionally, children must meet the same age and licensing requirements as for operating a standard vehicle.

Regulatory Compliance: All LSVs, along with other discussed vehicles, are subject to both city and state regulations when operated on streets or highways within city limits.

By adhering to these guidelines and understanding the distinctions between various vehicle types, residents can ensure legal and safe operation of low-speed vehicles on designated streets within Headland.