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It’s Like A Movie Thriller: Families Allege Inmate Organs Removed Without Consent

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Families of deceased inmates in Alabama prisons are facing a distressing situation as lawsuits filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court allege that organs were taken from their loved ones’ bodies without consent. According to the families’ lawyer, the organs were retained for teaching purposes, sparking outrage and concern among relatives.

The disturbing allegations came to light after families discovered that the bodies of their deceased relatives were returned without major organs, including the heart and liver. In one case, after inmate Jim Kennedy Jr. passed away at Limestone Correctional Facility, his family was shocked to learn from the funeral home that his organs were missing.

Similarly, Arthur Stapler’s family was devastated when they found out about the missing organs after hiring a private pathologist to perform an autopsy. Despite contacting the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), which conducts autopsies for the prison system, Stapler’s family received only some of his organs back, and in pieces.

These allegations have raised serious concerns about the oversight and governance of organ handling within the prison system. With Alabama’s prisons already facing scrutiny for overcrowding and safety issues, the revelation of organ removal without consent adds another layer to the ongoing challenges faced by the state’s correctional facilities.

Both the Alabama Department of Corrections and UAB are facing scrutiny over their roles in the matter. While UAB claims to conduct autopsies only with proper authorization, the correctional department has not commented on the issue, citing pending litigation. As the lawsuits proceed, questions remain about the handling of inmate remains and the necessity for stricter regulations to protect the rights of incarcerated individuals, even in death.