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Alabama’s First Class Pre-K Program Earns 18th Consecutive Recognition for Excellence

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Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education (ADECE) proudly announced that Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program has once again been hailed for its exceptional quality. In the latest release of The 2023 State of Preschool report, Alabama stands out as one of only five states meeting all 10 research-based quality benchmarks for the 18th consecutive year.

Recognized by the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), Alabama’s pre-K program ranks among the nation’s best, emphasizing the state’s commitment to high-quality early childhood education. Governor Ivey reaffirmed the program’s efficacy in providing a strong foundation for young learners, underscoring Alabama’s leadership in this crucial area of education.

Acting Secretary Jan Hume applauded the dedication of staff and partners in delivering quality learning experiences to 4-year-olds statewide, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to enhance and expand early learning opportunities.

Governor Ivey reiterated her support for the program, seeking continued funding and waiving tuition and fees to ensure broader access for Alabama’s 4-year-olds.

Alabama’s First Class Pre-K program, currently serving over 24,000 children across all 67 counties, offers vital early learning opportunities in local communities. Research highlights the program’s positive long-term impacts on children’s academic success.

Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is now open at children.alabama.gov, providing parents the chance to enroll their children and give them a strong start in education.