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4 States Experience 911 Service Outages: Restored in Most Areas

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Several cities in the United States, spanning across four states, encountered 911 call outages on Wednesday evening, as confirmed by officials. The affected regions included parts of Texas, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Nevada.

Fortunately, authorities indicated that many of these disruptions were resolved by Thursday morning. However, a handful of police departments in Texas, notably Del Rio and Kilgore, were still awaiting confirmation on the restoration of both cell and landline services.

Notably, the entire statewide emergency calling system in South Dakota faced an outage, while Dundy County, Nebraska, and neighboring areas also grappled with similar issues.

Despite the challenges, there were silver linings. In most of the affected states, individuals could still reach out through the non-emergency line and utilize 911 texting services.

As communities breathe a sigh of relief with service restoration, questions linger about the cause behind these widespread outages, stirring curiosity among residents and officials alike.