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All-Star Girls Basketball Champions Honored at Enterprise City Council Meeting

The Enterprise Parks and Recreation 8U All-Star Girls Basketball team received a hero’s welcome at the City Council meeting as they were recognized for clinching the state championship. Led by Head Coach Veronica Cook, these young athletes made history by becoming the first girls’ basketball team from Enterprise Parks and Recreation to secure a state title.

Their journey to victory wasn’t without its challenges. After a setback in the district tournament against Geneva, they rallied, practiced, and emerged triumphant in the Alabama Recreation and Parks Association State Basketball Tournament in Gadsden.

Superintendent Blake Moore praised the team’s resilience, emphasizing their dedication and heart. He also highlighted the crucial role played by supportive parents and Coach Cook in nurturing the team’s success, sentiments echoed by Mayor William E. Cooper.

Cooper commended the community’s unwavering support for youth sports programs like this one, noting that it sets Enterprise apart. The recognition coincides with the league’s second year and the introduction of WNBA jerseys and team names, a move that adds a special touch to the players’ experience by allowing them to emulate their role models.

Looking ahead, Mayor Cooper encouraged the girls to continue their hard work, expressing hope to see them donning the Wildcat uniform and competing on local courts in the future. It’s a celebration of teamwork, determination, and the boundless potential of young athletes in Enterprise.