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Alabama House Committee Advances Bill to Boost Child Care Accessibility

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In a move aimed at enhancing child care accessibility, an Alabama House committee gave the nod to a bill on Tuesday, signaling a potential shift in support for both employers and child care providers. Sponsored by House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels of Huntsville, HB 358 proposes extending tax credits to employers and child care providers from 2025 to 2027.

The bill’s primary objective is to incentivize employers to invest in child care facilities and enable providers to expand their services, particularly for children under the age of five. Additionally, the legislation seeks to provide grants to selected nonprofit childcare providers, further bolstering the initiative’s reach.

Under HB 358, the total facility tax credit is capped at $5 million, setting a fiscal boundary to the support provided. With the committee’s approval, the bill now heads to the full House of Representatives for further consideration.

To become law, HB 358 requires passage within the legislative timeline. With eight legislative days remaining in the session, the bill faces a crucial period, needing at least four legislative days for approval. Stay tuned for updates as the proposal progresses through the legislative process.