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Tragic Crash Claims Lives of Two Alabama Inmates

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In a devastating incident, two Alabama state prison inmates lost their lives, and several others were injured in a single-vehicle crash involving a Department of Corrections van. The accident occurred on Wednesday while the ADOC was transporting seven inmates from the Alex City Community Based Facility.

The inmates, identified as Willie Crayton, Jake Jones, Bruce Clements, Thomas Bass, Heath Garrett, Shawn Wasden, and Richard Jackson, were returning to the facility after work when the crash took place on Elder Road in Dadeville. Sadly, Crayton was pronounced dead at the scene, while Jones and Clements were initially in critical condition. Clements later died at the hospital.

Following the crash, Jones was transferred to another hospital and remains in critical condition. Betts confirmed that the other inmates involved in the accident were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.