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Domestic Situation Turns Into A Standoff Barricaded Situation in Dothan on Woods Dr.

Dothan Police responded to a distressing domestic call on Woods Dr., where an ex-boyfriend reportedly made entry into a residence, leading to a physical assault on the resident and was also armed with a gun.

Dothan Police had the house surrounded, Dothan WASP was in the sky over head and Dothan’s Special Response Team and bomb squad was also on the scene.

Law enforcement continued to  surround the premises, deploying a specialized team alongside a K9 unit for a thorough search of the property inside and out. Despite exhaustive efforts, the individual managed to elude capture, possibly fleeing through a back window.

The victim managed to escape the home as the assailant barricaded himself inside.

While there are no immediate concerns for public safety, authorities remain vigilant in their search for the suspect. Stay tuned to Wiregrass Daily News for any updates on this developing story. Live coverage was provided.