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3rd Annual Lady Luck Open this Weekend

The 3rd annual Lady Luck Open is underway this St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Dothan, marking a celebrated occasion for women’s billiards in the South. With a field of 48 competitors spanning ages 21 to 70, the tournament boasts a diverse range of talent.

Drawing participants from across state lines, approximately 80 percent of the competitors traveled from Georgia and Florida to vie for this year’s title and prizes.

Spearheaded by Brandi Fitzgerald, the tournament’s host and creator, this event adds to her legacy of bringing high-quality billiards competitions to the Dothan area, with thirteen others preceding it.

The Lady Luck Open isn’t just about the players; it’s a gathering for enthusiasts who flock to cheer on their favorite contenders, adding to the electric atmosphere of the event. As the competition heats up, all eyes are on the green felt, where skill and strategy collide in pursuit of victory.