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Enterprise Water Tanks Set for Major Maintenance

low-angle photography of water tank

ENTERPRISE, Ala. (WDNews) – Over the next six months, three water tanks in Enterprise will undergo essential maintenance to ensure their longevity and reliability. The tanks on Main Street, Damascus Road, and Shellfield Road are scheduled for a series of preventive measures, as part of a contract awarded to Dixie Painting & Sandblasting, Inc., totaling $852,401.

The project will kick off with the Main Street tank, situated near the Enterprise Farmers Market, followed by the tanks on Damascus Road and Shellfield Road. Crews will start by installing curtains from top to bottom on the Main Street and Damascus Road tanks before sandblasting them to bare metal and repainting. The Shellfield Road tank requires minor repairs, including pressure washing and paint touch-ups.

Alan Mahan, Field Superintendent for Enterprise Water Works, highlighted the significance of this operation. “We have to inspect our tanks every five years,” Mahan said. “Enterprise has 11 tanks and we are on schedule to have all of these tanks done by the end of 2027.”

The maintenance process, expected to last six to eight weeks per tank, will involve refilling and conducting water tests before the tanks return to service. During this period, only one tank will be out of service at a time to ensure continuous water supply in emergencies.

“The tanks will all be like new once this project is finished,” Mahan added.

The 300,000-gallon Main Street tank, built around 1950, and the 1-million-gallon Damascus Road tank from the 1990s will receive substantial work, while the more recently built 1.5-million-gallon Shellfield Road tank from 2012 will undergo less extensive maintenance.