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County Approves Purchase of Armored Vehicles for Sheriff’s Department

HOUSTON COUNTY, Ala (WDNews)— The Houston County Sheriff’s Department is set to enhance its fleet by 2025 with the addition of two new armored trucks. The county commissioners have approved a bid to purchase two new bearcat vehicles, models G3 and X3.

Sheriff Donald Valenza stated that these vehicles will significantly improve officer safety and operations. The department currently has one similar vehicle, but the expansion is crucial for missions related to security and special response teams. Enhanced off-road capabilities are among the key features of the new bearcats.

The G3 model offers seating for 10-12 fully-equipped officers, comes in 2-door and 4-door variants, and boasts all-steel armor construction for high ballistic protection. It also features a 4×4 drivetrain, ensuring superior performance in various terrains. Both the G3 and X3 models share common parts with other BearCat variants, allowing full configuration to a wide array of BearCat models.