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Daleville Man Arrested After Firing Shots, Making Threats

DALEVILLE, Ala. (WDNews) — A tense situation unfolded in Daleville on Friday afternoon when police responded to reports of gunshots on Lookout Drive.

David Hosman, identified by the Daleville Police Department, was on the phone with officers, firing shots and making multiple verbal threats of deadly harm against others in the area.

When police arrived to investigate, Hosman approached them in his vehicle but quickly abandoned it and refused to speak with the officers. Upon making contact, officers discovered a loaded magazine and a ballistic vest hidden under Hosman’s T-shirt. Additionally, a handgun and a rifle were found in his vehicle within immediate reach.

Hosman reportedly told officers he was heading to the Police Department. He was arrested on charges of Making Terroristic Threats in the 1st degree and Disorderly Conduct.

The incident is under further investigation as authorities ensure the safety of the community.