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Alabama Driver’s Licenses has New Feature Allowing Emergency Contacts

DOTHAN, Ala – (WDNews) – Starting now, Alabama drivers can add emergency contacts to their driver’s licenses, offering a crucial lifeline in emergencies. This new feature aims to help first responders quickly reach out to someone in case of a crash, overdose, medical emergency, or any situation where the driver can’t share their information.

Adding an emergency contact is free and quick. Simply visit the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency website and search for “Emergency Contact.” You’ll need the license holder’s name and license number to proceed. Then, enter or update the emergency contact’s name, address, and phone number. This information will be immediately attached to the licensee’s records, visible to dispatchers and first responders via computer searches.

Remember, this update does not involve issuing a new physical license. However, it ensures vital information is readily accessible when it matters most.