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Sheriff Orders Jail Evacuation: 164 Inmates Relocated Due to Health Hazards

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AUTAUGA COUNTY, Ala. (WDNews) – Autauga County Sheriff Mark Harrell announced the evacuation of the Autauga County Metro Jail due to unresolved health and safety issues. This decision, effective June 6, 2024, stems from Sheriff Harrell’s commitment to ensure the safety, health, and security of all inmates under his jurisdiction.

Appointed as sheriff on January 16, 2023, Harrell took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of Alabama and the United States. Faced with serious concerns about the jail’s conditions, he felt morally obligated to take action. The responsibility for resolving these issues lies with the County Commission.

In the interim, Sheriff Harrell has arranged for the approximately 164 inmates to be housed by other agencies, although it remains unclear which specific agencies have agreed to take them. On Thursday morning, large transport buses were seen outside the jail, with inmates in their orange uniforms boarding the vehicles.

Sheriff Harrell acknowledges the gravity of his decision but insists he must comply with State and Federal Law. For further information regarding the resolution of these issues, inquiries should be directed to the Autauga County Commission.