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Enterprise Cracks Down on Overgrown Weeds

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ENTERPRISE, Ala (WDNews) – The Enterprise City Council has adopted a new ordinance targeting excessive weed growth on properties within city limits, declaring it a public nuisance. Under the new rules, any weeds over 12 inches tall that aren’t intentionally cultivated or maintained for aesthetic or agricultural reasons will be considered a nuisance.

Homeowners must now keep their lawns and weeds in check to avoid falling foul of this ordinance. However, properties that are heavily wooded, farm properties, and those under construction are exempt from these regulations.

If a property owner is found in violation, they will be notified via certified mail, and a notice will also appear in the local newspaper. Additionally, two signs will be posted on the property to inform the public about a hearing on the matter. Should the hearing determine the weeds are a public nuisance, the owner will be liable for the removal costs, which will be added to their next tax bill.

The council’s goal with this ordinance is to mitigate fire hazards, prevent rodent infestations, maintain property values, and protect public health and welfare from the negative impacts of overgrown weeds.