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Fisherman’s Grim Discovery: Skull Chained to Dumbbell Pulled from New Orleans Waterway

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WDNews)— In a bizarre find, a fisherman pulled a human skull padlocked to a dumbbell from a New Orleans waterway, sparking a police investigation.

Earlier this month, a man using a red rope and a magnet the size of a hockey puck was searching beneath a bridge when he made the eerie discovery. Alongside the skull, he also retrieved a handgun and a gun barrel on May 18, police reports state.

The 15-pound dumbbell was secured around the skull, which was fully decomposed and missing its jaw and upper teeth, according to the report After making the discovery off the Bayou St. John Bridge, the fisherman alerted a nearby police officer.

Currently, New Orleans police have no further updates, and the coroner has not yet identified the remains.