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Nissan Urges Immediate Halt to Driving 84,000 Vehicles Over Airbag Explosion Risk

person holding black nissan steering wheel

DOTHAN, Ala (WDNews) – Nissan is urgently advising owners of about 84,000 older vehicles to stop driving them immediately due to a serious safety risk involving defective Takata airbag inflators. The inflators have an increased chance of exploding during a crash, potentially sending dangerous metal fragments into the vehicle’s cabin.

This urgent call to action follows a fatal incident where a person in a Nissan was killed by an exploding front-passenger inflator. Since 2015, as many as 58 people have been injured due to these faulty inflators.

“Due to the age of the vehicles equipped with defective Takata air bag inflators, there is an increased risk the inflator could explode during an air bag deployment, propelling sharp metal fragments which can cause serious injury or death,” Nissan stated.

Nissan is urging affected vehicle owners to contact their dealers immediately to schedule a free replacement of the defective inflators. The company emphasizes the critical nature of this recall, noting that more than 400 people in the U.S. have already been injured by these malfunctioning airbags.